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Food Sensitivity

What is this?

We’ll let you in on a secret… Functional Pathology Testing is the star player that takes the guesswork out of what’s causing your skin to misbehave - ie. your skin’s new best friend!

The results enable us to treat from a specific and targeted point of view that is personalised to your unique situation.


We have a huge array of tests at our fingertips and will determine which one we require following our initial naturopathic consultation with you.  You’ll be given a kit, if we have it in stock, or sent it directly from the pathology company whereby you provide the required sample and send it back to them. Easy!


The pathology company will invoice you directly having successfully processed your sample and then the results come back to us.  At this stage, we will call you to arrange a follow up consultation so you can come in for the results and the treatment plan we have customised.