An apple a day...

Ahhhh the humble A P P L E 🍎 We’ve all heard it before but it would appear ‘an apple a day’ really could keep the doctor👩🏼‍⚕️ away. These round, friendly balls of love go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to a bit of TLC for your body. Their blissful benefits include strong antioxidant activity and the ability to lovingly lower our cholesterol. 😎 High in fibre and a multitude of vitamins and minerals, this ‘girl next door’ fruit 🍏 is a long standing worldwide favourite of us human eating machines 🌍. She’s packed to her saucy 💃🏻 rafters with collagen building vitamin C as well as copper, which encourages the skin to produce melanin and protects you from UV rays ☀️ Don’t be slipping her out of the silky outfit she comes dressed 👗 in either (aka - the skin) as this sassy, sexy apple shaped body glove is where a lot of her goodness dwells