Body / dry brushing

B O D Y - B R U S H I N G... “Yes, I really need another thing to add to my beauty routine; as I don’t have enough to do already 😃 🙌🏼”... said no one ever 🙄. However, the extra few minutes this takes will have you reaping the benefits and it’s something you don’t have to book a pricey 💵 spa treatment and sell your first born child 🧒🏼 to afford. This easy little addition can be undertaken in the comfort of your own bathroom 🛀 & advantages include: decreasing the appearance of cellulite🍊, buffing away dead 💀 cells, promoting tighter skin, cell renewal & blood flow, whilst boosting lymphatic drainage, helping to release toxins 🧟‍♂️. So with a little elbow grease, you too could be the proud owner of a glowing, smooth & sexy skin coloured body glove