Hi, I’m B R O C C O L I 🥦 - I like long walks on the beach, watching romantic movies 💑 & being an overall health connoisseur. Bursting with fibre, antioxidants, proteins like tryptophan, vitamins A, K, C & E and minerals including calcium 🍖, iron 💪🏼, zinc & magnesium; I’m definitely husband material & the sort of suave stunner you would want to take home to meet the parents 😎 I’m a great help around the home... I’ll hang the washing out, unload the dishwasher, remove free radicals & toxins like uric acid from your body, purify your blood & balance pH levels. Ooooohhhh yeah, I’m a romantic kinda guy 😉 Glucoraphanin, a passionate 💋 phytonutrient found in dizzying amounts in me, has been associated with reversing the effects of sun ☀️ exposure. You can literally turn back the clock by putting my awe inspiringly green 🥦 greatness into your mouth


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