Once upon a time 📚, there lived a deliciously daring & delightful herb known as D A N D E L I O N 🌱 Although to look at her you’d think butter wouldn’t melt in her dreamy yellow mouth, she had magical 🧙🏻‍♀️powers that could lure organs into a lull of health & wellbeing. Her two best assets ( . )( . ) were her leaves 🍁 & roots. Now even though both assisted to rigorously regulate parts of the digestive 💩 system, her roots were especially liberating for the liver whilst her luscious leaves were key kidney players. 😎 She would roam from village to village and organ to organ wielding her sorcerous powers ☕️ to help heal the peasants of their gallstones, urinary retention, muscle aches 💪🏼, upset stomachs, gas 💨 & eczema. Until one day Miss Dandelion met Mr Burdock👫 & they lived happily ever after... although that’s a story for another time. The End. 📖