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Eating the rainbow

E A T - A - R A I N B O W 🌈 Every time you ingest a ferociously fabulous fruit πŸ‰ or a vividly vivacious vegetable 🌽, you are providing your temple of a body with a multitude of nutrients, minerals & all out awesomeness! * Red 🍎 provides lycopene & anthocyanins - protecting against some cancers, decreasing the risk of heart ❀️ disease & soaking up free radicals like some sort of embarrassed 😳 sponge * Green πŸ₯¦πŸ coloured veg is chock full of chlorophyll which detoxifies the body, aids tissue healing πŸ€• & increases vitality * Whilst yellow πŸ‹ & orange 🍊wide-boys are powerhouses crammed full of carotenoids that protect the skin from pesky pollution & the sun, 🌞 promote healthy joints & protect our vision πŸ‘€. * Last but not least are the blue πŸ‡ & purple πŸ† pimps of this raucous rainbow family; loaded with not only anthocyanins but also another revered rascal.... resveratrol - who is responsible for that hideously healthy hue in grapes & subsequently red wine 🍷 At the top of their resume is an ability to boost memory, 🧠 fight inflammation, πŸ€›πŸΌ protect cells from damage & promote longevity.

You can’t say fairer than that for getting your laughing gear tucked into a wide variety of fruit n veg on a daily basis 🌈

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