G R E E N S 🌱 greens... good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you... will be brimming with health! 🤩 Is there anything green vegetables can’t do?! They’re literally the healthiest mo fos you could possibly be getting your laughing 😆 gear around on a daily basis. These gregarious, green goofballs 🥦 are not only alkalising to your body’s system, they’re simply chomping at the bit to provide your 4 limbed shrine ⛪ with fibre, calcium, magnesium, folate & a whole host of other vitamins & minerals. Green 🥗 veggies are a bit of a big deal and aren’t afraid that you know it 😎. They come armed to the teeth with phytochemicals – which include chlorophyll, carotenes, flavonoids & enzymes that provide antioxidants, support immune function & detoxify the body. These hulk like heroes are single handedly bursting out of their shirts and karate 🥋kicking disease & inflammation 🔥 to the curb