Luscious liposomes!

Being a magical 🧙🏻‍♀️ invisible sphere is a tough gig but someone’s gotta do it & the liposome is just the kind of lunatic to take that job on! Similar to the natural cell membranes of animals 🐒 & plants, 🌱 liposomes are made up of a so-called bilayer with phosphatidylcholine (PC) 🔬 as the chief “bad boy” natural component 😎 . These brilliantly bodacious bilayers are much like the different layers that make up our skin barrier, and it’s this awe inspiring similarity that enables liposomes to sneak in like stealth ninjas! 🤫 Liposome concentrates render the skin particularly receptive & hospitable 🤗 for other substances, which although at first can sometimes leave the skin a little dry, will then change to a fantastically fabulous feeling of super soft skin! 🐰