N A N O P A R T I C L E S - The enticingly naughty 😉 but nice 😇 nanoparticle is crazily compatible with the horny layer of the skin & is used as a transport 🚗 system to aid different active agents to slither in undetected like a snake 🐍 in the grass. 

The nanoparticle is a capsule 💊 shaped by a monolayer membrane, which consists of a material found in the basic structure of cell membranes in every organism in nature 🦄 , known as the very easy to pronounce.... ‘phosphatidylcholine’, or PC as those in the know 🤓 refer to it

dermaviduals’ nanoparticles are of the fluid variety 💦 (not solid) & biodegradable ♻️, and as such are able to fuse with the top layer of the skin allowing penetration of actives. The actual nanoparticles themselves are not 🙅🏼 permitted access; only the astonishingly awesome actives 🐾 that were hiding 👀 inside. 

Surprise skin! We tricked you... 


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