Oleogel R

Is the savvy & sassy saviour 🙏🏼 missing from your skin care routine that will redeem your sensitive face! 🤗 Kiss goodbye... (well a manageable semi middle finger🖕🏼anyway) to skin issues like rosacea & peri-oral dermatitis. The use of lipid-rich skin care products can often be counterproductive, particularly if anaerobic germs 🧟‍♀️ are present. However, this little sucker possesses maximal lipid content without this disadvantage. Essential gamma linolenic acid (GLA), azelaic acid, boswellic acids and betulinic acid, aid to support the prevention of inflammatory 🔥 skin reactions. Urea provides anti-itching benefits, whilst its zany zinc PCA content adds an abundance of additional antimicrobial activity 🤺. As this amazing revolutionary rascal is extremely economical in the care of impaired skin, you only need a small amount to make a mountain of difference 🙌🏼 You got this Oleogel R... you are the people’s hero ✊🏼