Orange & red superheroes

Orange & red vegetables should be sat up high on pedestals & admired! Brimming with vitamin C & antioxidants, beetroot is the red ‘rad’ bad boy 😎 of veg & isn’t afraid that you know it! Historically used medicinally for a range of ailments that include skin problems; this iron & folate pumping powerhouse can help purify the blood, eliminate toxins & leave you with healthy & glowing skin!

Whilst the crazy old carrot 🥕 is not only high in vitamin C but beta carotene, which is converted to vitamin A inside the body, helping to repair skin tissue & protect against the sun's rays. All of this as well as being an antioxidant gangsta, fighting 🤜🏼 free radicals to prevent the signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation & an uneven skin tone! Respect to these red & orange weapons 💪🏼