R A S P B E R R I E S - These sophisticated, smooth talkers are often overlooked and under appreciated for the stellar qualities they boast. Rich 💵 in vitamins, fibre & antioxidants, the righteous raspberry ✌🏼is overflowing with antioxidants such as anthocyanin pigments that are associated with hardcore health boosting benefits. They are one of the highest ranking plant 🌱 foods for fibre, comprising around 20% of the berry’s total weight 🥊 Taking down wrinkles 👵🏻 🔫with military precision; this fortuitous fruit maintains heart ❤️ health, whilst their fabulous flavonoids & passionate 💋 polyphenolic compounds aid in the well being of your eyes 👀 Prancing & dancing 🕺🏼 through life with their protective effects, these ravishing rebels limit the damaging effects of the sun ☀️ , improve digestion 💩 and promote the health of blood 💉vessels and tissues. Should anyone here present know of any reason that the body & raspberries not be joined in 👰🏼 holy fruity matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace