Tomato love!

I’m red, I’m round, what I can do for your health is profound! 🤘🏼What’s my name?? 🗣To-mat-o, 🍅 to-mat-o!

A daily dose of this antioxidant rich, red caped superhero accounts for 40% of your vitamin C requirement, which prevents cancer causing free-radicals from damaging the body’s systems 🙅🏼 Loaded with vitamins A & K, folate, iron & potassium, this radical, rouge, rebel can protect your heart ♥️ by reducing LDL cholesterol levels, improve your eyesight 👀 , aid digestion 💩, lower blood pressure & protect the skin against UV ☀️ induced erythema, as well as reigning supreme in the war against aging! 👵🏻 🥊 Every reason to start adding this refreshing & lovable rogue to your plate on a regular basis 🥗🥫


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