Winter skincare

W I N T E R is comi.... oh wait, it’s here!☃

For some lucky, big headed peeps the change in temperature🌡 quite simply provides them with a rosy 🌹hue to their already glowing supermodel cheeks. Yet for others it can cause dry🌵and/or flaky skin, making us feel like 🐫 dried up old hags. Winter ❄️ gives the skin a run for its money & challenges it more than any other season, making it particularly important to give it a big dose of TLC 💕 over the next few months. Skin geek 🤓 fact alert 🚨- When the temperature drops below 8 degrees, the sebaceous glands in our skin dramatically slow the production of sebum (oil) or can quit their day job entirely & go into hibernation 😴, which can quickly weaken the skin’s barrier. Remember 💡 prevention is a much more effective strategy than attempting to correct a skin condition. So give us a call today and arm 🔫 your skin with the ammunition it needs to be able to flourish this winter 💫